Writing Goals…

For Summer, 2018:

As a fiction writer/screenwriter, I have several works-in-progress that I would love to turn into completed drafts and others that I want to convert into second drafts so here goes:

By the month of September, I would like to do the following:


My YA Fantasy – I would like to have a first draft completed. I am now in the midst of writing 2-3 scenes a day and that means working at least 1.5 hours a day (Monday-Friday).

My Paranormal Mystery – A revision that will lead to a completed 2nd Draft which in turn means editing 3 chapters or 10 pages a day.


I am blessed with a flexible summer schedule where my jobs include full-time Mom and part-time associate at a retail/tech company.  My hope is to grab hold of the large chunks of time I have now that I normally don’t get during the school year (because of my full-time work and my darling kiddos) and just “write like the wind!” (as quoted to me by my husband).  And that’s my goal in between joyful summer moments and trips with my family.

Crossing my fingers…


Thanks for stopping by!


Jumping In – the 2018 Version



Two years ago the last post I wrote on this blog was entitled “Jumping In.”

I feel the irony of that title because here I am in July of 2018 doing exactly that.

Jumping in.

More like jumping back in and reactivating this blog.

Bringing it back to life.

This revival will result in not only the reactivation of this blog but in some changes with the blog  with a few tweaks here and there.

I’m really excited about what it will become.

What you will find will be a mixture of the literary and the personal all revolved about the craft of writing and storytelling.

I’m looking forward to sharing!



Jumping In…2016

Wow, it’s been awhile since I joined in on ROW 80 and I’m happy to be back. I look forward to seeing how much I will accomplish this round and to checking in on my fellow ROW80ers and their accomplishments.

My goals for this round are:

1. 1,000 words a day/5 pages of revision a day/1 screenplay scene (make chart)

What this means is everyday I am going to attempt to one of the above tasks and keep a chart of it all.

I am working on various writing projects – novels, screenplays – with the goal this year of having numerous completed drafts and I’m counting on my above goal to help me with that.

I am hoping to self-publish later in the year (crossing my fingers and praying) so we’ll see how that goals.

Excited to be a part of ROW80 once again.

Jumping In Late…

Goodness, I have this uncanny knack of being late to the ROW80 party and here I am again, jumping in to Round 3 about a week and 2 days late but I’m so glad to be here.

My goals for this round:

1. Complete the first draft of Lily’s Hope, my sci-fi mystery thriller (finally!)

2. Complete the first draft of one screenplay.

3. Complete a draft of one short story.

I have set some big writing goals for 2015 – can’t believe it’s July already! – and the above goals fall into that. One big goal is to self-publish and originally I was thinking one of my novels (another one, not the one above) but it’s a possibility it could be a short story. I keep hearing that publishing short stories is a good way to get my work out there.

I also want to submit to some competitions. I had a goal to submit to the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition but missed it completely. However, I have my eye on some future ones and am aiming for those.

In the meantime, I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo for July in the hopes of starting a new habit of writing everyday. In the past few years, I have scheduled writing times on specific days, not every day. However, I’ve come to realization in the past week, that to get consistent with my writing, I should do a chunk everyday — at least an hour a day (which I swore in the past I could never do but realize from actually doing it recently – a few days in a row – how important it is for me to do it), two hours the most. To essentially even look at it as a job that I must do, everyday. A very fun and creative job that needs my devotion.

So here goes Round 3…hoping for much writing progress and more check-ins by me.

Okay, Jumping in…

Hello, Round 2 of Row 80.

I am jumping in and stating my goals (a week later). My first goal being to check in and post more often with ROW80. Also to post more often on this blog.  Crossing my fingers on these two…

Last round I had the following goals and this round the goals are the same:

1. Write up to pg. 300 of my WIP: a sci-fi, mystery novel called Lily’s Hope. That will mean writing about 50pp a month. I am aiming to have a full draft completed by spring (May) – one of my big 2015 writing goals.

2. Draft/Complete two outlines for three short stories. I am aiming to submit a few short stories to a couple of writing competitions in the spring (May/June) as well. One of the competitions will be the Writer’s Digest Competition 2015.

3. Draft and complete one screenplay/script.

Though, I made a bit of progress on the first goal, I didn’t complete any of them. My hope is that this round I will.

So here’s to a new round.

Keep Going

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post. Can’t believe it’s been more than a month!

I’ve been consistently working on Lily’s Hope, my Sci-Fi mystery. I am up to pg. 170 with a goal to hit about 350 pages. I am thankful for my writing group which sets up writing time at least three Saturdays out of four every month. I find that I am using that Saturday time that we share together as a time to reset every week.

I always have high hopes – that I will spend the 7 hours I have scheduled to work on Lily’s Hope but of course, it hardly turns out that way. Therefore the 90 minutes to 2 hours that I spend on Saturdays with the group helps me make progress with this story and keeps me from getting completely discouraged.

When it comes to the two other goals I have set up for this round:

Drafting/completing two outlines for short stories I plan to submit to a couple of writing competitions

Complete a draft of a screenplay.

No progress has been made yet. I have time set aside to work on these goals but have not yet used it. So I am hoping to get started soon.

With other factors going on in my life – book reviewing, photography, bills/family stuff, raising kids and keeping up with their activities, housekeeping coupled with the fact that I feel like I can only focus on one thing at a time these days – the above goals can feel like a challenge. My career choice of being a writer/screenwriter can seem like a pipe dream. Yet, I refuse to give up this dream I’ve had for over two decades.

So there it is. I – possibly foolishly – believe that if I stick to my scheduled writing times, I will complete writing projects that I can then start submitting and sending off to agents, competitions, etc.
Or even self-publish.

In moments when it feels like there isn’t an end goal to my writing…that I am spinning my wheels, going nowhere…I force myself to keep at the writing.

Besides, I can’t help but write.

So I keep going. I hope you keep going, too.

Wishing my fellow ROW80ers a good writing and good progress this week.

Making Progress

It has been a decent two weeks. The writing is progressing and getting more consistent bit by bit. Starting off slowly and picking up speed.

It helps to have scheduled writing times and in the past couple of weeks, I have been making every effort to stick to them (though I have missed a few). I’m grateful for a supportive husband who lets me go out or go into my cave to write for 3 hours at a time. A significant thing since we have 3 active boys under the age of 10.

I’m beginning to work more on Lily’s Hope – the sci-fi thriller – which is great because I feel like I’ve been away from it for so long (though it’s only been about three weeks). I’m excited to be back on it and a little intimidated honestly. The plot is ambitious. I’m hoping the story will come together in a solid, “thrilling” way.

In addition to my stated writing goals, I am working on a revision of an amateur sleuth cozy WIP so that has been the main writing I’ve done lately. I’m hoping to revise it a few times and get beta readers within the next six months so that I could self-publish it. Scary, daunting yet exciting is this goal to self-publish.

We’ll see. I’m about to do some research on self-publishing. Talk about a new frontier.

In the meantime, I’m reading a book on how to get a literary agent. Another big 2015 writing goal is to start consistently querying agents. Talk about daunting…ahh…

Wishing all of you ROW80ers an amazing week of writing and progress…

Hello, ROW 80 2015!

It’s a new year and I begin again with ROW 80, the writing challenge that knows you have a life.

I have big Writing Goals for 2015 overall and the short-term goals I state here will hopefully lead me on the right path to accomplishing those big goals. They are:

1. Write up to pg. 300 of my WIP: a sci-fi, mystery novel called Lily’s Hope. That will mean writing about 50pp a month. I am aiming to have a full draft completed by spring (May) – one of my big 2015 writing goals.

2. Draft/Complete two outlines for three short stories. I am aiming to submit a few short stories to a couple of writing competitions in the spring (May/June) as well. One of the competitions will be the Writer’s Digest Competition 2015.

3. Draft and complete one screenplay/script.

A lot of writing in two and a half months but I believe I can do it. Here’s to a new year. I am excited on what it will bring. Hopefully, me posting more in ROW 80 about these goals and how it’s all going. I haven’t been able to keep my posting up consistently in the last few rounds of ROW 80 that I participated in. Looking forward to changing that.

Happy New Year, all! And here’s to a new year of writing progress!

How It Goes…

So it’s been a few weeks since the NaNo Unfinish and about a week before Christmas. There has been more writing done on Lily’s Hope – the sci-fi thriller project in the last weekend, then in the last two weeks, which tells you a bit about how long I have gone without writing lately (a two-week, almost three-week stretch). Thanks to a schedule writing time, I was able to add more pages. My hope is to gain momentum during this busy holiday season.

We’ll see how it goes.

A NaNo Unfinish

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and this year I will definitely not finish.  However, after having finally finished a NaNo last year, after having done it for four years in a row, I am not too down about not completing NaNo.  Actually, I am completely encouraged.

I guess having had the experience of attempting NaNo for now the fifth year, I realized that writing some words is better than writing none.  I will be at least 20,000 words further in my new novel draft than I would have been a month ago.  In previous years, it’s been 26,000  35,000 words, 39, 000 words.  I have also realized that my key  current works-in-progress which I have been working on and finishing up are from each of those NaNo projects.  I didn’t realize that until I looked back.  And that’s encouraging.  My current novel projects began with NaNo.

So that is the reason I am encouraged. Because if the trend continues, this year’s NaNo project will become another one of my key novels.

Interesting what happens when I have the perspective of looking back.

I haven’t worked on Lily’s Hope in a couple of weeks because this NaNo project has been my focus.  I look forward to returning to it soon, though.