ROW 80: Check In 6-19-11

So checking in and so far I haven’t kept to my 70 pages this week. I got a few in but haven’t reached that goal yet. I have been focused on getting through the revision of my paranormal mystery. It wasn’t part of the original goal for this round of 80 but I feel good about the progress I’m making on it.

Revising my novel has also brought back the passion and love I have for this piece, and personally that is amazing. Amazing because when I move on to draft my query letter and synopsis for the novel, I believe I will be super inspired and hopefully that will show through in both, and an agent in turn will get excited and be interested as well.

I can only hope. In the meantime, I will keep moving along. Hopefully,by the end of this week I will draft those 70 pages and be done with my novel revision.

That in itself will be amazing.


3 thoughts on “ROW 80: Check In 6-19-11

  1. That’s a pretty high goal. You can always change it. :0)

    I’m glad you got your passion back for the manuscript you’re editing. Sometimes we lose that for a time, and it’s a great feeling to love your story again.

    1. Lauralynn,

      It is a great feeling to love your story again. I was just reminded on what drove me to write it in the first place. Neat feeling.

      That 70 pages goal – I could change it, huh? Though I have this fear that if I don’t set the bar high, I won’t make any progress and write anything. But maybe I just need to trust myself a little more.

      Thanks for your feedback and for stopping by!

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