ROW80: Check-In: 8-24-11 Life Happens.

Life happens.  And I have to face that fact.  So when it does, it sometimes means that the writing gets put aside.  And I forget a couple of ROW80 check-ins to boot.  At this time, I’m just beginning to get back to my goals after about week of not doing much, I’ve started again.  I worked on developing an idea and continued incorporating changes to my novel revision – about 30 pages worth.

Here’s hoping it continues.


ROW 80: Check-In: 8-14-11: Still Passionate…

Ah…the passion for my novel revision  is still there but life — life is getting in the way, and that is not such a bad thing this week.

School is starting this week so it’s been a lot of  prepping my oldest baby this last week for a new phase in his life – First Grade.  And mentally prepping myself, as well.  And physically prepping and trying to get ready for the school season again.  So my other baby – that novel revision – has been sitting to the side this past week.  No changes incorporated in seven days.  I eeked a page or two for my original draft this week but that’s about it.

The good news: the passion to accomplish my goals is still there and there’s still a bunch of days left in this round.  Whew!

ROW80 Check-In 8-7-11: Still Waters…

Ah…I haven’t been quite as consistent with my revision this week and the pages…forget about it.  It’s been a hectic week – just me alone solo with the kids.  For some reason I thought I could accomplish more having time to myself after the kids went to bed.  Not so much.  Tiredness and cleaning trumped writing.  I gritted my teeth as I wrote that last sentence.  The clean house I needed so I could start the next day in a semi-good mood and the tiredness…well, you know, after an entire day with three active little boys, it was inevitable.  What was I thinking?

So onto a new week…and hopefully, new progress.

ROW80 Check-In 7-31-11: Still Going…

Still going…incorporating those changes to the draft of my mystery thriller.  The one thing with my writing that I have been consistent with this week in the midst of prepping for a birthday party and reading six books and writing up book reviews.  I’m happy that I am still consistent when it comes to working on the revision. 

The pages are another story.  It’s a work-in-progress to get up to five pages a day.  Again, I’m hoping it will get better this coming week.  Not as many things going on, though I will be solo with the kids while the Husband is away on a business trip.  Hmmm…one can only hope.