ROW 80: Check-In: 8-14-11: Still Passionate…

Ah…the passion for my novel revision  is still there but life — life is getting in the way, and that is not such a bad thing this week.

School is starting this week so it’s been a lot of  prepping my oldest baby this last week for a new phase in his life – First Grade.  And mentally prepping myself, as well.  And physically prepping and trying to get ready for the school season again.  So my other baby – that novel revision – has been sitting to the side this past week.  No changes incorporated in seven days.  I eeked a page or two for my original draft this week but that’s about it.

The good news: the passion to accomplish my goals is still there and there’s still a bunch of days left in this round.  Whew!


6 thoughts on “ROW 80: Check-In: 8-14-11: Still Passionate…

  1. Our first also started grade 1 this year. Our school year in South Africa runs from January but I must admit that the ‘real life’ of school interferes with our lives in a big way and that the whole family needs to adapt to cope. I keep hoping we could home school but then I would have no time to write.
    Keep the passion alive.

    1. Isn’t it amazing how much school affects life in a big way? My whole family needs to adapt too. How to fit it all in – now that’s a question I would like the answer to.

  2. good luck to him in first grade. my daughter starts Pre-K at the end of this month, and I can’t believe she’s old enough for that all ready. Good luck on meeting your goals this week.

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