Last night and this afternoon I incorporated changes into the mystery novel.  I’m about two-thirds done.  I feel good.  It pays to have 3 hours uninterrupted.

I fell in love with that New Orleans mystery all over again and really felt the potential of this manuscript, and it’s successor.  I’m excited to see it do well and I believe it has a shot.  Working on it, I felt rejuvenated and my faith was renewed that this story could get published.  I’m thinking ahead to the query letter.  My plan is to work on that this week.   I feel like progress is being made, and that’s a good thing, especially for my morale.


Starting Again…

It’s been a few weeks and life has been happening.  Happening to the point that my writing has taken sort of a backseat.  I’ve been in a little fog lately.  Lost one of my good friends to cancer and took several days to see her family and go to her memorial.  Lots of arrangements to be made as I booked flights and brought in Grandma to watch the kiddos.  Not to mention all of the school meetings that have been cropping up that we’ve had to go to.  Nuts.  I think I’m just now beginning to grieve for my friend so now I have to figure out how to work/write through that.

So now I find myself going over those goals again, starting again, trying to refocus.  I’m hoping, too.  I’m even giving myself an additional challenge – for every couple of hours I spend on social media, I need to spend a couple of hours working on my writing goals.  Or else with 3 kiddos, school, meetings, deadlines and life, I’ll get nothing done.  So here I go again, recommitting myself.