Last night and this afternoon I incorporated changes into the mystery novel.  I’m about two-thirds done.  I feel good.  It pays to have 3 hours uninterrupted.

I fell in love with that New Orleans mystery all over again and really felt the potential of this manuscript, and it’s successor.  I’m excited to see it do well and I believe it has a shot.  Working on it, I felt rejuvenated and my faith was renewed that this story could get published.  I’m thinking ahead to the query letter.  My plan is to work on that this week.   I feel like progress is being made, and that’s a good thing, especially for my morale.


3 thoughts on “Revision

  1. We should all learn to embrace our progress, instead of always expecting more. I get caught up in the more all too often, so I loved your comment about progress being good for the morale. Truly any progress is good if we accept it! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Tia,

    You’re welcome! I so get caught up in the more, too which is why I’m really working hard not let the more be the criteria of how much progress I’ve made. Otherwise, I’ll find myself a discouraged writer most of the time, which is not good.

  3. Such a good point. I’ve found myself discouraged and frustrated way too much lately, and that does not have a positive effect on my writing. That’s why I love ROW80… other writers to remind me to focus on the positive!

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