Progress Made and A Tweaked Goal Because of NaNo

Progress is being made which is so encouraging.  I have been working more on the final pages of the paranormal revision.  Almost done.  About ten pages to go.

Also, it looks like I’m tweaking one of my ROW80 goals a bit to accomodate Nanowrimo.  I originally had decided not to participate in it  but I’ve given into the desire.  All this talk about Nano has me wanting to try it again.  Ahh…so here I am.  My third year attempting Nano.

My original goal was:

Write 5 pages on each scheduled writing day (of which there are 3 scheduled in the week) towards two separate short story drafts and the existing draft of my WIP interracial romance.

The new, modified goal is:

Write 6-7 pages on each day towards an original draft of a novel.  I have an idea for a novel that has been hanging with me for the last six months.  It needs to get down on paper and Nano is the perfect way to do this.  The characters are as clear as day to me so I can’t wait to start writing.

So new goal joins rest of ROW80 original goals and here goes…

…looking forward to making some more progress…



I’m checking in.  The goals are still the same, though I’m fighting off the temptation to add a couple of more.  It’s all because I picked up an unfinished draft of the second installment of my cozy mystery that I started with NaNoWriMo last year and it sparked a desire in me to finish it.   I had to remind reminding myself that I already had enough goals set.  Keep it small…measurable.   Of course, I can always tweak those goals…

The grandparents were in town this past weekend so that threw a monkey wrench (in a good way) in my writing time (along with some book review deadlines).  They have since left and I am playing catch up when it comes to household stuff so  I’m hoping to get back to the writing and pick up where I left off with the novel revision in the next day or so.

I’m looking forward to progress.

Of course, the husband is flying to Chile for a week in the coming days so it will be me alone with the 3 kiddos but I won’t even go there yet.  I’ll just remain faithful to the fact that I can still get the writing done, though I may be deliriously exhausted.

Anyway, I’m just going to focus on the present.  Tomorrow…progress.

Writing Schedule…

Life is happening.  A visit from the grandparents and some book review deadlines that I have to meet have stepped in the way of the writing this weekend, but I am looking forward to returning soon.  I’m contemplating adding another chunk of time to my writing schedule.   I’m trying to write even a little everyday but that’s proving to be difficult.  It seems like I get more accomplished when I have 3-4 hours of uninterrupted time in opposed to an hour but I do need the consistency of writing every day.  Maybe I’m over thinking this.

What is your writing schedule?  Are you every day or a few select days a week?  What do you find is more effective?  

Crossing Fingers…

I’ve been working on the paranormal revision.  Trying to stay consistent.   The grandparents will be here tomorrow.  We’ll see how much work I get done (chuckle).  Oh did I mention that my book reviews are due this weekend as well?

I’m hoping for the best for the rest of this week (crossing fingers).

Bit by Bit…

It’s been a busy yet productive weekend prepping for the coming of my in-laws.  Though I didn’t use my scheduled writing time to its fullest, I did try to make use of part of it, working on a couple of short stories as well a bit more on the paranormal novel revision.

I’m trying to see the achievement in the small little steps I make. It will get done, I think, even if it’s bit by bit.

Onto another week.  I’m aiming to make the most of every spare opportunity and devote it to my goals.  Bit by bit.

Building Up…

Checking in. I worked a little more on the novel revision.  A little more…and a little bit on the development of the two short stories.

I find myself having to fight for that writing time or at least squeeze it in, in between everything else  because you know, with a husband and three kiddos, life just happens.

Outside of the scheduled writing times, I may need to use the time I’m waiting in the car when I pick up the kiddos or when I’m waiting for the husband to come out of work.

I’m hoping to build on what I have started.  It is so easy to get distracted by life.

Check-In: 10-9-11: Finishing…

Close to finishing the revision of my paranormal mystery.  So close yet still a few questions to answer when it comes to the plot of the story.  And of course, there are the doubts.  Is this story good enough to stand with the likes of other paranormal authors out there?  What if it isn’t?  When will it be ready?  When will I know? Ahhh…

In the meantime, I need to push on and be consistent and work on these goals, though it’s hard — ended up not really using my scheduled writing time last night.  I know I can’t give up though.

So I will continue by getting to that script I need to type up…

ROW80: Check-In 10-5-11: Just Beginning…

The first check-in and the result is I haven’t really started on my goals yet. Two days can go by really fast, especially when life happens.  It can only go up from here, I think to myself and I’m hopeful it will.

I’m faithful.

Still excited and ready to get to it.  We’ll see what the rest of the week brings…



ROW80: Round 4 Here I Come!

So Round 4 of ROW80 here I come and I’m excited to embark on some new goals.  My hope to is that I’m more organized this go round, as I seek to accomplish the following goals:

1. Finish revising the last 20 pages of my paranormal mystery.  Print out and read through draft, making notes.

2. Work on and and complete the query letters and synopses for the paranormal mystery and my cozy mystery.

3.  Write 5 pages on each scheduled writing day (of which there are 3 scheduled in the week) towards two separate short story drafts and the existing draft of my WIP interracial romance.

4. Spend 30 minutes of each scheduled writing day (3 per week) developing my Harlem Renaissance mystery idea.


And a bonus goal that won’t take up too much brainpower just fingerpower:

5.  Type up 3 pages a day of existing screenplay into computer until complete.

80 Days. Smaller, measurable goals.   I’m ready.