Writing Schedule…

Life is happening.  A visit from the grandparents and some book review deadlines that I have to meet have stepped in the way of the writing this weekend, but I am looking forward to returning soon.  I’m contemplating adding another chunk of time to my writing schedule.   I’m trying to write even a little everyday but that’s proving to be difficult.  It seems like I get more accomplished when I have 3-4 hours of uninterrupted time in opposed to an hour but I do need the consistency of writing every day.  Maybe I’m over thinking this.

What is your writing schedule?  Are you every day or a few select days a week?  What do you find is more effective?  


5 thoughts on “Writing Schedule…

  1. First, Melanie, I’ve not had the pleasure of landing on your blog in my sponsor rounds, so welcome to the Round!

    I write everyday; I have to write for my job, and that sort of dense academic stuff withers unless visited everyday. I used to squeeze my creative writing into corners, when the kids napped on weekends, for example, but I want to spend more time on it. I’m an everyday writer on that too, but just a half-hour. Since I switch between the 20-footnotes-a-page stuff and the historical fiction (only 10 footnotes a page, lol!), it’s harder for me to change gears if I am away too long.

    That said, I know tons of people who do very well as weekend writers, so it really is a matter of what fits for you.

    I peeked at your About page–have fun with your little ones. I stayed home for a few years with my youngest two, born 17 months apart. It goes by quickly–my youngest is a freahman in college and I’m dealing with empty nest syndrome.

    Have a great week!

    1. Elizabeth,

      Thank you! Thanks, too, for your feedback. I love the chunks of time on the weekend, though I do need the everyday consistency so I’m wondering if there is a way to do both.

      I’m definitely trying to have more fun with my little ones. I get caught up in the day-to-day details that often times I forget to. I hear it goes by fast.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I don’t like writing in small chunks either, but I’m getting better at it. The only thing I’ve found that consistently helps is time of day. If I jump into the morning and get started on the writing, even if only for an hour, I get more done. If I don’t start until the afternoon, I have a harder time getting the momentum up. Whatever you decide to do, good luck and keep at it. That’s one of the wonderful things about ROW80; it lets you get back to writing with less of the guilt or behindedness that some other challenges give you when you miss some time.

  3. For me writing daily *is* the schedule. The “when” is the question I have to wrestle with daily. If I wait till the evening (when my son is off to bed), I get a large block of time to work with but I’m also exhausted to the point creativity is dead. If I write first thing when I get up, my brain is so foggy I get nothing done (or if I do, it’s not readable). I’ve found during the work week I have to squeeze my writing into my 15 min breaks and lunches. It’s a really short time period to work with but I manage to make it work.

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