Progress Made and A Tweaked Goal Because of NaNo

Progress is being made which is so encouraging.  I have been working more on the final pages of the paranormal revision.  Almost done.  About ten pages to go.

Also, it looks like I’m tweaking one of my ROW80 goals a bit to accomodate Nanowrimo.  I originally had decided not to participate in it  but I’ve given into the desire.  All this talk about Nano has me wanting to try it again.  Ahh…so here I am.  My third year attempting Nano.

My original goal was:

Write 5 pages on each scheduled writing day (of which there are 3 scheduled in the week) towards two separate short story drafts and the existing draft of my WIP interracial romance.

The new, modified goal is:

Write 6-7 pages on each day towards an original draft of a novel.  I have an idea for a novel that has been hanging with me for the last six months.  It needs to get down on paper and Nano is the perfect way to do this.  The characters are as clear as day to me so I can’t wait to start writing.

So new goal joins rest of ROW80 original goals and here goes…

…looking forward to making some more progress…


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