A Step Behind…

It’s day 2 of NaNo and I’ve barely begun.  Yes, I’m planning on making it up.  The goal will be at least 10 pages tonight and tomorrow night which I hope will put me on track on the 6/7 pages per day goal.  I’m so happy to have the outline to go off of.  What was I thinking the first year I tried NaNo when I tried to write straight from my head?

The husband is out of the country and I’m fulfilling both Mom and Dad duties to the three little munchkins until he returns next week but I’m still excited and faithful.  Of course, still on track to fulfill the rest of my ROW80 goals on those scheduled writing days.  I’ll have the evenings after I put the kiddos to bed if I’m not completely zonked.  And if I am, I’ll resort to the headphones listening to my 80s dance music mixed in with a little alternative rock. Eclectic, I know.  But it does the trick in waking me up.

Raising my glass to all my ROW80/NaNo peeps who are writing furiously and to the ROW80ers who are supporting us.   Much appreciation!


10 thoughts on “A Step Behind…

  1. Good work. And yes, music really does stimulate the brain. (Exercising to music is one of the things I used to do to get warmed up for a writing session. I supposed I should start doing that again….)

  2. Yep, outlines do help, especially when trying to do nanowrimo. Wouldn’t consider it without one. Hope you get caught up, the zoom ahead and stay ahead. That always helps a bit and is less stressful. Cheers!

    1. Kim,

      You can always expand or modify your outline even as you write your pages. I’m still developing parts of my outline even though I’ve started writing.

      Happy writing to you!

    1. Thanks, Raelyn!

      Last night went fairly smooth — all munchkins to bed and staying in bed — so I was able to get alot done. Here’s hoping for more of the same tonight.

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