More Accomplished…

Checking in and I am so happy with how the week has gone, especially since I’ve been manning the house of three kiddos solo this week.  I was able to get more than I expected accomplished. Is it because I’m alone at nights once the kiddos go to bed and not distracted by my darling husband?  Hmmm….

I’ve been doing NaNo, and though I’m still a bit behind, I am quickly catching up. I actually exceeded my daily word count for yesterday.  Yay!

Some good news on the blogging front for me. I will be featured and guest posting in the coming months with my other blog, Bronx 2 Boulder.  My other writing.  It will be my first time doing this so it’s a little scary for me because I still feel like I’m figuring out this whole blogging thing.  It’s a new world for me.

Speaking of worlds, my 19 month old is pulling me back into the real world.    I’m hoping for a consistent week this week with NaNo and to accomplish a couple of my ROW80 goals like working on those query letters/synopses for my two mysteries and finally finishing the paranormal revision.  I’m so close…



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