11,000 and Counting…

I am working on a post that will be featured on a website later this week.  It feels good to work on a blog post again.  Lately, my posts have felt a little shallow because I think I’ve been rushed to get them in.

I have been doing NaNo daily and consistently which excites me. I’ve hit approximately 11,000 words.  I am behind still and according to my NaNo stats I’ll need to write about 2,000 words a day to finish in time.  This makes me frown – daunting task! but then I smile because I remember a few nights ago I literally wrote close to 2,000 words without even realizing it.  I was so into the story and didn’t even keep count of the words.  So I think not thinking of word count really is beneficial to me, which goes right along with the advice I’ve received from a couple of you ROW80ers – Thank you!!

The story.  Therein lies the challenge lately of these last couple of nights.  Though I have an outline of my scenes, I’m doubting the substance of my story but I’m forcing myself to keep writing  despite not feeling completely confident in it.  Surprisingly, a couple of cool scenes have emerged from this.  Writing is really about keeping your bottom in the chair.

I close to finishing the revision of that paranormal mystery in the next couple of days.  That would mean one ROW80 goal accomplished and that would be awesome!  Progress…so good.  Crossing my fingers…


4 thoughts on “11,000 and Counting…

  1. Okay… this bit of advice can be bad, but I’ll give it anyway:

    You aren’t confident in the scenes in your outline and you want to rack up words. So why not do some exploratory writing some days? Let yourself go off the rails if something sounds interesting. Write more than one version of a scene.

    The reason this advice can be bad is that you can end up with a mess for a manuscript. Also, it’s tempting to let your lack of confidence drive the bus — so you do everything except what’s on the outline, and what’s on the outline turns out to have been the best idea all along. But even that can be a great learning experience.

  2. Nooooo. Don’t let your inner editor out! It will make you question everything. Lock that pesky editor up. It can come out later to edit and fix that questionable substance after the draft is finished. Until then, you’re the boss!

  3. I see where you coming from about the substance. The past two days I’ve been having issues but I kind of power on with my NaNo.

    I hope that you get more confident and it starts talking to you so that it makes those 2k a night days go fast as fast can be.

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