Writing and Recovery…

It’s been a busy week complete with surgery but it hasn’t been a bad one.  The writing has been consistent though fewer words than I hoped for my NaNo project.  I’m aiming to do over 3,000 words per day this week to make up and hopefully reach my goal of 50,000.  It’s progress though slow-going.

It’s Thanksgiving Week, the boys are home from school, I can’t lift anything (including the toddler) or drive so I will be homebound which means I’m looking forward to stealing some chunks of time to write, especially since the husband has promised to take care of the meals for the kiddos. 

So I’m trying to take it easy and plug away as we prepare for Thanksgiving.  Also, looking to complete those other ROW80 goals so we’ll see how it all pans out…

Wishing all you ROW80ers a good week.



2 thoughts on “Writing and Recovery…

  1. Saw your note on the other blog. I can completely relate to your feelings about the surgery. I hope it went well. It’s good your hubby is helping out, you certainly don’t want to over do it. Sending you positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    Best of luck this week!

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