The Good and the Sad…

As I post this I will be plugging away during the last couple hours on my NaNo project.  It’s with mixed feelings that I will be plugging away.  I’m at 30,000 words so I will most likely not finish so that’s the sad part of my NaNo experience.  However, the good part of my NaNo experience outweighs the sad.  The results of participating this year have been amazing.

For one, I’m closer to that 50,000 word goal than I have ever been in the three years I have done NaNo.  This year has been a tremendous one for me.

Second,  it has given me a consistency in my writing that I have not had in a long time.  It has put me on this amazing momentum that I plan to carry through in the coming months.

Third, it has set up for me, inadvertantly, a writing pattern that I will use in the coming months.

I’m amazed to see the progress I’ve made.  It’s fuel to my writing fire and that’s truly good…

Congrats to all my fellow ROW80ers who are NaNo Participants who have finished.  Well done!  And to all those, who are like me, and didn’t quite finish, kudos to you for the effort you put forth towards the goal.  You are further than you are on your writing project than you were at the start of the month and that’s truly good…


8 thoughts on “The Good and the Sad…

  1. Congratulations on your NaNoWriMo progress. I didn’t finish but have a story with a good plot and characters I love. It’s been a fine process, finally getting that mystery I wanted to start off the ground.

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