Sleepiness and Reviews…

Checking in late…I fell asleep last night before I had a chance to work on the post.   

Since Weds. check-in, it’s been busy.  Deadlines for book reviews have trumped any major writing this week so the daily word count has been almost non-existent.  For the last three nights, I found myself falling alseep in the early evenings before I started writing anything.

I expected to be down about continually being behind in my word count but I’m not.  I have this feeling that I will get “back on the horse again” so to speak when it comes to the writing. There will be opportunities for me to catch up — chunks of writing time that are coming to me.  Not to mention that I am still excited about the writing projects that I’m working on and when I do work on them, the words do flow. That keeps me encouraged and hopeful to meet my goals.  

So…sigh.  The book reviews should be completed by tomorrow (Yay!) and I will be getting back on that proverbial horse again.  Even though there are those pesky PTA minutes that I need to work on and complete…ahh…life…

Wishing you all a good week of writing.  See you Wednesday!


Slow and Steady…

Slow and steady…that’s what I am as I eek out the words to my original draft. I’m feeling better though I am not 100 percent healthy yet.  I figure I’ll get up to my daily word count again.  Still excited about what I am working on despite all that life is throwing at me.  Lots of ideas flowing.  I’m working hard to organize them all and just stick to the goals at hand.  It’s challenging in moments because my mind is going all the time. I guess that’s a good problem to have.  I need to stay focused though.  Reign it in and take it one step at a time in the midst of all the busyness of life. 

So slow and steady… one step at a time…though inside I am a bit frenetic about my writing projects…one step at a time…

Hard but good for me. 

Wishing you all a great rest of the week!


Eeking Along…

Eeking along…getting the word count out…through sickness (me, this time) and three kiddos.  The husband is back and I missed him alot, alot but I didn’t get as much accomplished as I thought I would while he was away.  It was a different case this time. Of course, being sick didn’t help.  Life happens. 

So not a whole lot accomplished the latter half of this week but I’m hoping to make up for it  going into next week.  It will take doubling up on word count but I’m up for the challenge.

Wishing you all a good week! 






The writing has been consistent this week as I continue to work on the original draft of a murder mystery.  I’m still a bit behind on my goal because I missed a few days in the beginning but I am encouraged that I am consistently writing.  Now to catch up…

I’ve also been working on one of those story ideas that I wanted to write out a full summary on so that’s been good.

Trying to juggle life and writing is a challenge.  I think about a few of these well-known authors who have children and I wonder how they do it.  Writing definitely takes time and discipline.  And faith.  Faith that it will get done.  I just have to keep plugging away. 

The husband is headed out for business soon which leaves me with the three little guys for several days. I used to panic about this – “when am I going to find time to write since I’m pulling 24 hour parent duty?” yet I’ve found that I tend to get a good amount of writing accomplished in the evenings in between a couple of days of pure exhaustion.  So I’m a little excited since I really need to catch up on my daily word count.  Of course, I’ll miss the hubby but it’d be nice to make more progress. 

More words…more words…my hope for the rest of the week.

Wishing you all a good one with lots more words and goals accomplished.



Steady Climb…

It feels like a consistent steady climb upwards as I work on the original novel draft this week.  I’m getting in more words which means the word count is increasing.  I’m doing a happy dance, right now.

I’m realizing too that writing is pretty therapeutic for me along with being the great energizer.  Honestly, I am more enthused and happy after I’ve had several consistent days of writing.  I noticed this back in November when I was in the midst of doing NaNo.  I was more joyful overall because of the amount of creative writing I was putting out.  I think I was just happy to create everyday.

Now that I’m getting consistent with this first goal of Round 1, I am hoping to get consistent with the others I’ve set. Though life is busy, I’m faithful that things can get accomplished.

Wishing my fellow ROW80ers a really creative and productive rest of the week!

2,503 Words…

Though the week began slow, it’s been moving along. A few days ago,  I started working on the original draft of which I am up to 2,503 words — I’m a bit behind but I’m hitting a consistent stride. Now that the book reviews are done and the activities are done, I’m free to devote more time to creating more words. 

I haven’t begun the other goals yet but I look forward to diving in. 

In the meantime, I’m going to get comfortable in bed with my laptop.  Today the husband and I were really sick all day so it feels good to be able to sit up without feeling nauseous.  I’m on the mend, which is a good things since I have goals to accomplish.

Wishing you all great progress this week.

At The Beginning…

Wow, the 1st Row80 check in…and right at the  beginning, it’s been a bit of a crawl.  School has started again this week and with that comes a flurry of activities, events and deadlines (already?).  No such thing as a slow start.

I write book reviews on a monthly basis so now I’m on my last two which I will complete today and send off (yay!).  I then get to jump full force into my goals and play a little catch up with them.  I’m still very excited about them, mainly because I feel like they are leading somewhere – hopefully bringing me to the next level: better writing, completed drafts ready to be sent out.

Sharing my writing goals with others is such a vulnerable thing for me.  It’s like I am putting my heart out there. Because of this, the support and enthusiasm of my fellow ROW80ers when it comes to  my goals is so appreciated.  I am encouraged.  Thank you!

Looking forward to a latter half of the week filled with writing.

Have a good rest of the week, ROW80ers!



Okay, so here are my goals for Round 1 of ROW80 2012:

1. Write 1000 words each day on a WIP.  At 35,000 words now. Get to 60,000 words. Print and read through – write official story/synopsis.

2. Write 1,700 words each day on an original draft of a novel.

3. Finish revising the last 5 pages of my paranormal mystery.  Print out and read through draft, making notes.  When done, write 500 words each day towards the paranormal mystery revision. Need about 150 more pages.

4. Write 5  pages each day towards a draft of a 120 page script (start this around the midpoint/2nd portion of the 80 days, hopefully when #1 goal is reached).

5. Work on and and complete the query letters and synopses for the paranormal mystery and cozy mystery.

6. Write out a rough draft of the story for Healing Water story, Wedding story and Harlem Renaissance mystery – three story ideas that are floating around in my head.

The plan by the end of the first 80 days is to have a completed novel draft of the WIP (#1) and one in the works – a new WIP (#2) as well as completing a good second draft of the paranormal mystery getting it closer to being ready to be seen by an agent (#3). Not to mention, a draft of a movie script (#4).  This last one I’m particularly excited about because I’m returning to my screenwriting roots.  :-))

And then there’s what I call the administrative stuff — query letters/synopses – that I hope to have created and stored away to be brought out when it gets close to time to appeal for representation.

So here goes…

Wishing you all the best my fellow ROW80ers.  Can’t wait to follow your progress!