At The Beginning…

Wow, the 1st Row80 check in…and right at the  beginning, it’s been a bit of a crawl.  School has started again this week and with that comes a flurry of activities, events and deadlines (already?).  No such thing as a slow start.

I write book reviews on a monthly basis so now I’m on my last two which I will complete today and send off (yay!).  I then get to jump full force into my goals and play a little catch up with them.  I’m still very excited about them, mainly because I feel like they are leading somewhere – hopefully bringing me to the next level: better writing, completed drafts ready to be sent out.

Sharing my writing goals with others is such a vulnerable thing for me.  It’s like I am putting my heart out there. Because of this, the support and enthusiasm of my fellow ROW80ers when it comes to  my goals is so appreciated.  I am encouraged.  Thank you!

Looking forward to a latter half of the week filled with writing.

Have a good rest of the week, ROW80ers!



6 thoughts on “At The Beginning…

  1. Melanie, the first steps are always the hardest; but you are doing a fab job of it, stay strong and courageus you will see the benefits and ROW80’er cheers are always a warm welcome, so from one ROW80’er to another welcome onboard, I hope to catch up on your progress as the round continues. 🙂

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