The writing has been consistent this week as I continue to work on the original draft of a murder mystery.  I’m still a bit behind on my goal because I missed a few days in the beginning but I am encouraged that I am consistently writing.  Now to catch up…

I’ve also been working on one of those story ideas that I wanted to write out a full summary on so that’s been good.

Trying to juggle life and writing is a challenge.  I think about a few of these well-known authors who have children and I wonder how they do it.  Writing definitely takes time and discipline.  And faith.  Faith that it will get done.  I just have to keep plugging away. 

The husband is headed out for business soon which leaves me with the three little guys for several days. I used to panic about this – “when am I going to find time to write since I’m pulling 24 hour parent duty?” yet I’ve found that I tend to get a good amount of writing accomplished in the evenings in between a couple of days of pure exhaustion.  So I’m a little excited since I really need to catch up on my daily word count.  Of course, I’ll miss the hubby but it’d be nice to make more progress. 

More words…more words…my hope for the rest of the week.

Wishing you all a good one with lots more words and goals accomplished.




10 thoughts on “More…

  1. I wonder the same! I don’t have children and I really think I would implode if I did as there are so many things I want to do that I know having children would prevent me from doing. I don’t really feel I’m missing out, but I understand why some parents do get super stressed.

    I hope you enjoy the time you manage to grab in between it all. 😀

    1. Thank you! I feel like the tortoise sometimes in the fable, The Tortoise and The Hare. Slow and steady wins the race. Even though I’m a little slow, I am steady therefore I should reach that end goal regardless.

  2. Writing with a kid present is a challenge. I’ve learned that going down to my office to write while he’s still up is practically impossible. So it’s either write after he goes to bed or bring a pad and pen upstairs while we’re doing other things. It’s not the best but I do get my word count in. Keep at it! You can do it.

  3. Writing with kids gets easier as they get a little older, but it’s still tough. I feel like it is not so much as a balance every day, but a balance over time. Some days, I just need to do all the laundry and play. That makes up for the days in which I write and let my kids play together, without me.

    Good job figuring out what works for you, and for keeping up with your goals!

  4. I have so been there Melanie! I’ve got three kiddos and a hubby that travels too. I find I get a lot of writing done when he’s gone because i don’t have to worry about “us” time. I take care of the kiddos and then once they’re in bed, it’s all me time! And what’s my favorite thing to do…write of course!

    Good luck on your writing this week, and I hope hubby travels safely and returns quickly!

  5. Congrats on the consistency. Fingers crossed the parent duty won’t impact too much on your word count, maybe you can sneak in a bit of ‘me’ time at some point! and hopefully hubby will give you a break on his return! 😉 have a great week!

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