Eeking Along…

Eeking along…getting the word count out…through sickness (me, this time) and three kiddos.  The husband is back and I missed him alot, alot but I didn’t get as much accomplished as I thought I would while he was away.  It was a different case this time. Of course, being sick didn’t help.  Life happens. 

So not a whole lot accomplished the latter half of this week but I’m hoping to make up for it  going into next week.  It will take doubling up on word count but I’m up for the challenge.

Wishing you all a good week! 






4 thoughts on “Eeking Along…

  1. That’s the good thing about ROW80 is that you don’t feel the same kind of pressure as you would with most other challenges. Any goals are set by ‘us’, so it’s only ‘us’ that are held accountable when we don’t manage to achieve. But it’s not so big a deal if things don’t work out – we have lives, other commitments and so forth. The main thing is to be doing our best to fit everything in and keep trying to get back on track. ❤

  2. Maybe if you don’t add any pressure to yourself by doubling up, you might get the same amount done, just without feeling overwhelmed. Not sure how you work with deadlines…they help me (as in get me moving, but overstress me to no end).

    Hope you’re feeling better though. Being sick sucks.

  3. Maybe, instead of doubling, you could just add a short sprint each day for a while, to get there with less stress…..

    I would have a very tricky time writing, if Jim weren’t here……and being sick is even trickier!

    Heal quickly……and take the time you need. =)

  4. Being sick does suck!!

    I wish you great wordcount this week! I find my energy for writing ebbs and flows. As long as I know it will swing back around, I’m okay.

    Good luck, and I hope you are feeling better!

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