Sleepiness and Reviews…

Checking in late…I fell asleep last night before I had a chance to work on the post.   

Since Weds. check-in, it’s been busy.  Deadlines for book reviews have trumped any major writing this week so the daily word count has been almost non-existent.  For the last three nights, I found myself falling alseep in the early evenings before I started writing anything.

I expected to be down about continually being behind in my word count but I’m not.  I have this feeling that I will get “back on the horse again” so to speak when it comes to the writing. There will be opportunities for me to catch up — chunks of writing time that are coming to me.  Not to mention that I am still excited about the writing projects that I’m working on and when I do work on them, the words do flow. That keeps me encouraged and hopeful to meet my goals.  

So…sigh.  The book reviews should be completed by tomorrow (Yay!) and I will be getting back on that proverbial horse again.  Even though there are those pesky PTA minutes that I need to work on and complete…ahh…life…

Wishing you all a good week of writing.  See you Wednesday!


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