Steady Going…

Steady going.  Screenplay.  WIP.  Not huge leaps and not necessarily meeting the word counts every day but it’s been some writing practically everyday which is encouraging me.  The screenplay, especially.  The pages are flowing.  

With life happening, I feel like if I can get words down every day or at least every other day, it’s still a personal accomplishment.  The best part about it all is the excitement I get from creating these stories and characters.  I’m becoming more passionate about my stories.   Hopefully when other people read it, they’ll become just as passionate. 

Wishing everyone a good rest of the week!




Completed…At Least Partially…

I’m happy to say that I finished revising my paranormal mystery which is the partial completion of one of my goals for ROW80. Yay!  Finally!

I get to print out the draft and do a read -through of it and take notes.  I realize after this last editing stint that I’ll definitely need more pages which will mean me going over the plot again.  I also have to work on the format.  I think a part of me is still writing like the screenwriter I originally am – alot of dialogue but with very little description on paper.  It’s all in my head.  Now to get it down on paper and expand on it.    

In the meantime, I’m still plugging away at the script.  Still excited about the story though there are parts of it that haven’t come to me yet.  In a way, I’m writing a story that still has a few huge gaps in the plotline.  I’m still developing the plot as I write the story – not necesarily the most efficient but I trust  those gaps will be filled and will fit with the rest of the plot naturally.   It’s worked for me before, so hopefully it will again. 

Overall, I’m feeling happy about how much progress I am making in the latter half of this round.  I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel — completing this latest revision on the paranormal mystery has helped with that.  In moments it had begun to feel like I wasn’t going to see an end product on any of these writing projects. 

Well, I need to go make dinner now.  Back to life…

Wishing everyone a good week!

Wow, Another Check-In Already…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. 

Just trying to keep consistent with the script – I missed yesterday but will pick it up today.  I figured I could sacrifice a day for Valentine’s Day.  Give that time to my darling hubby.  So tonight, after this post, back to the script. 

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the details of life earlier including the writing.  So much to do, so little time.  But the plan is still 5 pages a day for the script so I’ll just focus on the goal (along with the others) and keep going.   So off I go….



Just looking at these goals for ROW80 this round:

1. Write 1000 words each day on a WIP.  At 35,000 words now. Get to 60,000 words. Print and read through – write official story/synopsis.

2. Write 1,700 words each day on an original draft of a novel.

3. Finish revising the last 5 pages of my paranormal mystery.  Print out and read through draft, making notes.  When done, write 500 words each day towards the paranormal mystery revision. Need about 150 more pages.

4. Write 5  pages each day towards a draft of a 120 page script (start this around the midpoint/2nd portion of the 80 days, hopefully when #1 goal is reached).

5. Work on and and complete the query letters and synopses for the paranormal mystery and cozy mystery.

6. Write out a rough draft of the story for Healing Water story, Wedding story and Harlem Renaissance mystery – three story ideas that are floating around in my head.

Overall, I’ve been working on goals #1, #2 these last several weeks and now #4 this last week.  I’ll most likely continue to work steadily on those and then add goal #3 to the mix.  I feel like it’s time now to complete that goal, though I will modify it and just focus on completing the revision, printing it out and reading through it, editing.  I’ll leave further future revisions on it till the next round most likely.  So the new goal for #3 looks like this: 
3. Finish revising the last 5 pages of my paranormal mystery.  Print out and read through draft, making notes.


For this week, it’s been steady as I’ve been putting in the pages for the screenplay I’m working on which makes me want to do a happy dance. I’m up to 20 and counting, having just started this goal last week around this time.  Looking forward to continuing that…I’m steadily falling in love with the characters which makes me so eager to want to get back to them and their story.  Good stuff. 

 Wishing you ROW80ers a good week this week full words and progress!


The writing has picked up again. Yay! One of my goals for ROW 80 is to write 5 pages a day towards a screenplay . I started on my script about 3 days ago and I’m excited about it.  It’s based on a story idea that I have that’s a fiction WIP.  Working on the screenplay has made me realize how much I miss writing scripts. My focus, these last several years has been on writing fiction.  Both processes are so different from each other so it’s been interesting now that I have both hands in both.  I have to mentally switch modes because the writing formats are so different from each other and each comes with a different set of rules.  It’s been good for me though – especially on the screenwriting end because it’s been like taking a refresher course.  I’ve also fallen in love again.  I’ve forgotten how much I love writing screenplays. Love.   Such a visual medium.

Also, these last few days have been filled with me writing words towards the WIP I committed to writing 1,000 words per day towards.  So it feels like the consistency is beginning to build again with my writing which is great because for this busy mama of three, I need the consistency to continue in order for the momentum to rise again.  With consistency and momentum come words on a page and eventually drafts completed.   Distraction can come too easily and too often with life happening. 

Looking forward to the writing continuing…

Wishing you ROW80ers a week filled with progress.   


Beginning again…

So I haven’t been back on that horse yet.  It’s been about a week since I wrote any words towards my works-in-progress.   The longest I’ve gone without writing for awhile — since before the Fall.  My book reviews stepped in and pushed all else aside.  Not to mention, my stamina last week was almost at zero…kept falling asleep at my computer in the evenings.   

Well, the reviews are finally done.  As are the PTA minutes. And I’m feeling a little more energized.   So I’m looking forward to beginning again.  Like tonight. 

Okay, I’m getting to it.

Wishing every one a good week filled with tons of writing!