Beginning again…

So I haven’t been back on that horse yet.  It’s been about a week since I wrote any words towards my works-in-progress.   The longest I’ve gone without writing for awhile — since before the Fall.  My book reviews stepped in and pushed all else aside.  Not to mention, my stamina last week was almost at zero…kept falling asleep at my computer in the evenings.   

Well, the reviews are finally done.  As are the PTA minutes. And I’m feeling a little more energized.   So I’m looking forward to beginning again.  Like tonight. 

Okay, I’m getting to it.

Wishing every one a good week filled with tons of writing!


6 thoughts on “Beginning again…

  1. Sometimes a break away is what our body demands of us–our body being controlled by our unconscious mind, of course. There is an ebb and flow in everything I’m noticing, days when a lot gets done, days when almost nothing gets done. The point is to touch base even as the ebb is at its lowest point so that when the flow returns, you don’t have so much of a struggle to return to your peak.

    Sounds like you are getting there.

    1. Eden,

      Wow, so true. I wondered honestly if it was my body was just letting me know what it needed. Honestly, I would bet my unconsicious mind was telling me what my body needed last week.

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