The writing has picked up again. Yay! One of my goals for ROW 80 is to write 5 pages a day towards a screenplay . I started on my script about 3 days ago and I’m excited about it.  It’s based on a story idea that I have that’s a fiction WIP.  Working on the screenplay has made me realize how much I miss writing scripts. My focus, these last several years has been on writing fiction.  Both processes are so different from each other so it’s been interesting now that I have both hands in both.  I have to mentally switch modes because the writing formats are so different from each other and each comes with a different set of rules.  It’s been good for me though – especially on the screenwriting end because it’s been like taking a refresher course.  I’ve also fallen in love again.  I’ve forgotten how much I love writing screenplays. Love.   Such a visual medium.

Also, these last few days have been filled with me writing words towards the WIP I committed to writing 1,000 words per day towards.  So it feels like the consistency is beginning to build again with my writing which is great because for this busy mama of three, I need the consistency to continue in order for the momentum to rise again.  With consistency and momentum come words on a page and eventually drafts completed.   Distraction can come too easily and too often with life happening. 

Looking forward to the writing continuing…

Wishing you ROW80ers a week filled with progress.   



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