Round 1 Goals – Where I Am Now…

Wow, I can’t believe we’re at the end of Round 1 already!

So my goals for Round 1 of ROW80 2012 are below and the end results are in bold:

1. Write 1000 words each day on a WIP.  At 35,000 words now. Get to 60,000 words. Print and read through – write official story/synopsis. Started this goal at the beginning of Round 1 and was consistent for about  a month, then dropped off for a few weeks.  It’s been on again-off again since.  Not yet at 60,000.  At 39,000 words at this point.

2. Write 1,700 words each day on an original draft of a novel. Went the same path as the goal above. 

3. Finish revising the last 5 pages of my paranormal mystery.  Print out and read through draft, making notes.  When done, write 500 words each day towards the paranormal mystery revision. Need about 150 more pages.  Modified this goal midway: Finish revising the last 5 pages of my paranormal mystery.  Print out and read through draft, making notes.  Completed this goal.  Yay!!!

4. Write 5  pages each day towards a draft of a 120 page script (start this around the midpoint/2nd portion of the 80 days, hopefully when #1 goal is reached). Actually did start this midpoint during Round 1.  Missed several days since but am still working on it.  Up to 40 pages.

5. Work on and and complete the query letters and synopses for the paranormal mystery and cozy mystery. Did not start this one yet.

So for this round, some starts, a couple hits, several misses  but am still excited for the projects I’m working on.  I believe with a few of these goals, I will carry into Round 2 of ROW80 so I’m excited to continue.  



A busy week.

I was reading about a well-established author of mystery thrillers last month who stated that he quit his successful full time job and devoted himself full-time to his writing for a year.  He was serious about this writing he loved.  It became his full-time job.

Of course, I can’t quit my day job of “Mommy” (nor would I want to) so I decided to modify my writing schedule and set aside about 7 hours straight – like a full time work day – (at night of course)  for my own writing because I am that serious about it too.  I will now treat it as a full-time job in addition to my day job as “Mommy”. 

I tried out this new schedule for the first time this week and found it so, so helpful.  The two nights I set aside time to do this (by going downstairs to a quiet office) I only got about 3.5 hours in because I had other responsibilities to tend to before I started writing which bled into that writing time but even then, those 3.5 hours yielded some good results.  It also made me realize how important having time to write was because in writing I discovered that I was also developing and restructuring my story to make it better in the midst of putting down words, and that takes time too. 

It takes a bunch of time to develop a good, well-crafted story.  Time, I obviously wasn’t giving.  I see why writing can be a sacrifice — whether on income, or on family, or other activities and how, when it’s serious for you, you take that time,even at a cost.

For me, right now, the cost is sleep, like for many of us writers.  The  7 hours about 3-4 nights a week  will start in the early evening and end in the early morning, in addition to some daily writing. 

Hoping to yield some good results.

Wishing you all a good week, ROW80ers!  Wow…4 days to go…




Sitting here in bed battling achiness and chills.  The husband is beside me battling the flu.  Even with all the sickness this week – it’s been discovered that my two older boys had the flu and passed it along to the youngest boy – I still have hope to reach my writing goals. 

My house is a disaster area.  We’re behind in laundry.  I fall asleep quickly in the evenings now which means no writing time.   I still have hope though.

I still have hope, in spite of being behind in my writing goals.  These last few weeks it feels like I’m constantly playing catch-up with my writing and never quite catching up, and it leaves me wondering if I will ever get a book published or script bought because it seems like it’s taking forever to finish my projects.

Thank goodness for hope or else I would be one depressed person constantly feeling defeated because of unaccomplished goals.

The three boys are playing together in their bedroom right now so there’s some hope to sneak in some words in this moment.  Let me get to it before something else pops up.  So here goes…


Streak Broken…I Hope…

My non-writing streak continued up until yesterday, after the last book review, I put down a few words down on the WIP in a moment of inspiration.  It felt great.  I was all set to continue later on that evening – the laptop was ready, I just had to do a couple of little things before, and then I would focus solely on my WIP.  It was not to be as my littlest, running a fever, started having difficulties with his breathing.  So off to the ER I went, the WIP left untouched.

It was worth the trip of course, and my now 2 year old is doing better, even after we were at the ER well after midnight last night. 

And I’ll be getting back on that “horse” again with the writing.  A new day.  Another stab at the WIP and hitting that 1,000 word count.  My appointment set for tonight was cancelled suddenly so that leaves me with a bunch of hours to write – so excited!.  I’m hoping it’s a full night of writing and progress.  I may even sneak in some words during the day since I’m home with all three of my sick kiddos.  We’ll see…

2 and a half more weeks before this round of ROW 80 is over.  Wow, time is flying.  Wishing all my fellow ROW80ers this week much progress!

One Long Week

One long week.  Since two Fridays ago I haven’t written a single word. The longest I’ve gone without writing since November, 2011. 

Knee-deep in reading books and writing reviews on them, non-stop.  I thought I would be done by the beginning of last week yet it ended up stretching later into mid-week so the writing time ended up being sacrificed. Towards the end of the week, I couldn’t keep my eyes open because of my previous late nights so I just gave into sleep.  Not to mention prepping for a birthday weekend.

My oldest boy turned 7 and my youngest boy turned 2 yesterday.  My birthday twins 5 years apart so all focus was on them this weekend – a trip to the aquarium, a party for the 7 year old, and all the prepping that came before that. 

Sigh.  And I have another book review due — one that came up unexpectedly on Friday, due tomorrow so guess what I’ll be doing tonight. Not to mention last month’s PTA minutes which I’m hoping to get in tomorrow.  

I still have hope to get a few words in.  Somehow.   It’s been 8 days since I’ve written my last word. I’d like to end this particular streak. 

Wishing all ROW80ers a good week!