One Long Week

One long week.  Since two Fridays ago I haven’t written a single word. The longest I’ve gone without writing since November, 2011. 

Knee-deep in reading books and writing reviews on them, non-stop.  I thought I would be done by the beginning of last week yet it ended up stretching later into mid-week so the writing time ended up being sacrificed. Towards the end of the week, I couldn’t keep my eyes open because of my previous late nights so I just gave into sleep.  Not to mention prepping for a birthday weekend.

My oldest boy turned 7 and my youngest boy turned 2 yesterday.  My birthday twins 5 years apart so all focus was on them this weekend – a trip to the aquarium, a party for the 7 year old, and all the prepping that came before that. 

Sigh.  And I have another book review due — one that came up unexpectedly on Friday, due tomorrow so guess what I’ll be doing tonight. Not to mention last month’s PTA minutes which I’m hoping to get in tomorrow.  

I still have hope to get a few words in.  Somehow.   It’s been 8 days since I’ve written my last word. I’d like to end this particular streak. 

Wishing all ROW80ers a good week!




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