Streak Broken…I Hope…

My non-writing streak continued up until yesterday, after the last book review, I put down a few words down on the WIP in a moment of inspiration.  It felt great.  I was all set to continue later on that evening – the laptop was ready, I just had to do a couple of little things before, and then I would focus solely on my WIP.  It was not to be as my littlest, running a fever, started having difficulties with his breathing.  So off to the ER I went, the WIP left untouched.

It was worth the trip of course, and my now 2 year old is doing better, even after we were at the ER well after midnight last night. 

And I’ll be getting back on that “horse” again with the writing.  A new day.  Another stab at the WIP and hitting that 1,000 word count.  My appointment set for tonight was cancelled suddenly so that leaves me with a bunch of hours to write – so excited!.  I’m hoping it’s a full night of writing and progress.  I may even sneak in some words during the day since I’m home with all three of my sick kiddos.  We’ll see…

2 and a half more weeks before this round of ROW 80 is over.  Wow, time is flying.  Wishing all my fellow ROW80ers this week much progress!


2 thoughts on “Streak Broken…I Hope…

  1. Little children should not be sick. It isn’t fair……

    I am so glad your muse returned…May it bring you many wonderful, imspired words….

    And may good health surround and embrace you all!

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