Sitting here in bed battling achiness and chills.  The husband is beside me battling the flu.  Even with all the sickness this week – it’s been discovered that my two older boys had the flu and passed it along to the youngest boy – I still have hope to reach my writing goals. 

My house is a disaster area.  We’re behind in laundry.  I fall asleep quickly in the evenings now which means no writing time.   I still have hope though.

I still have hope, in spite of being behind in my writing goals.  These last few weeks it feels like I’m constantly playing catch-up with my writing and never quite catching up, and it leaves me wondering if I will ever get a book published or script bought because it seems like it’s taking forever to finish my projects.

Thank goodness for hope or else I would be one depressed person constantly feeling defeated because of unaccomplished goals.

The three boys are playing together in their bedroom right now so there’s some hope to sneak in some words in this moment.  Let me get to it before something else pops up.  So here goes…



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