A busy week.

I was reading about a well-established author of mystery thrillers last month who stated that he quit his successful full time job and devoted himself full-time to his writing for a year.  He was serious about this writing he loved.  It became his full-time job.

Of course, I can’t quit my day job of “Mommy” (nor would I want to) so I decided to modify my writing schedule and set aside about 7 hours straight – like a full time work day – (at night of course)  for my own writing because I am that serious about it too.  I will now treat it as a full-time job in addition to my day job as “Mommy”. 

I tried out this new schedule for the first time this week and found it so, so helpful.  The two nights I set aside time to do this (by going downstairs to a quiet office) I only got about 3.5 hours in because I had other responsibilities to tend to before I started writing which bled into that writing time but even then, those 3.5 hours yielded some good results.  It also made me realize how important having time to write was because in writing I discovered that I was also developing and restructuring my story to make it better in the midst of putting down words, and that takes time too. 

It takes a bunch of time to develop a good, well-crafted story.  Time, I obviously wasn’t giving.  I see why writing can be a sacrifice — whether on income, or on family, or other activities and how, when it’s serious for you, you take that time,even at a cost.

For me, right now, the cost is sleep, like for many of us writers.  The  7 hours about 3-4 nights a week  will start in the early evening and end in the early morning, in addition to some daily writing. 

Hoping to yield some good results.

Wishing you all a good week, ROW80ers!  Wow…4 days to go…




One thought on “Time…

  1. You make an excellent point. If we aren’t “writing” then we aren’t writers. For myself, I need to eliminate distractions, like webpages….. But the point is the same. Write like it’s a job, even though I don’t want to give up being Mommy either.

    I’m so glad you’re making it work. But get sleep too!

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