Getting Steady…

I feel like the writing is getting steady.  Over a thousand words on Monday night on the cozy mystery revision.  None last night – so exhausted – but planning on picking up again tonight.  I feel like the ball is beginning to roll, a little more consistently, a little steadier for the first time in weeks.  I’m totally excited.  Hopefully, I won’t jinx myself.

A week ago, I made an all-important decision to self-publish in eBook form.  Possibly this cozy mystery that I’m working on.

What are your thoughts?  Have you published on eReaders or know of anyone who has?  Good experience, bad, so so?  Would love to know. 

Wishing all my Row80ers a good rest of the week!


Upward Trend? – Part 2

Things are looking up.  I wrote over 2,000 words yesterday.  That was awesome after days of not having written almost a single word.

I found myself having to retype a WIP (that I was ready to revise) that I had typed up a year ago, because of a formatting issue which I couldn’t solve so I’m starting from scratch again (i.e. page 1).  I’m trying not to look at it as a step backwards – as I would normally do when things like this happen – but as a chance to reconnect with my story and the characters in it in a really deep way.  So far it’s working.  I am reconnecting and my enthusiasm for it has been renewed like ten times over.   So I’ll be retyping and revising this WIP simultaneously.  A first for me but a necessary move since my time is limited these days.

I’m heading into review deadline week now — I have 12 book reviews to write by next Monday but I’m hoping to fit at least 1800 words in every day.  Usually the week before my review deadlines is all consuming with writing book reviews but I’m hoping to spread it out so it doesn’t end up that way.  Crossing my fingers…

Wishing all you ROW80ers a good week of major progress and many words written down.

Oh…and I just created a Facebook page for my blog:

Feel free to check it out and “Like” it and if you, yourself have any FB pages, leave a comment and let me know so I can visit and “Like” you back! :-))

See you Wednesday!


Upward Trend?

Another couple of days without words but hopefully this trend won’t last for too much longer.  My fingers didn’t make it to the keyboard before I fell asleep after the last ROW80 update.  So here goes again.  The challenge is getting my writing off the old one to this new one we just purchased.  Shouldn’t be too hard right?  Just have to walk into the next room.  Surely I can’t be too tired to do that, right?


A Week Without Words

It’s been over a week since I’ve written a word on my fiction projects. A week without words. Actually more like twelve days.  Unbelievable.  I haven’t gone that long without writing a word in awhile.  I’ve been exhausted at nights lately.  Really tired.  I’ve been finding it a challenge to get started again.

The family embarked on a home project over a week ago — reorganizing and changing our bedrooms which required alot of clearing out of the bedrooms, building new furniture, and moving things around.  Our house still looks like it’s under construction.  This probably has something to do with the exhaustion at nights.  Not to mention the 12 book reviews I had due in the midst of this project which required a chunk of reading and some review writing time. 

But today is a new day, and a scheduled writing day so I hope to start again and get some new chunks of writing time in.  That is after some cleaning time and organizing time because this house needs to stop looking like it’s under construction.  Hopefully, I won’t peter out before I get to put my fingers on the keyboard.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a good and productive week!


1st Check-In

It’s been a slow start.  Finally 900 words yesterday on the WIP. Hoping to build on that tonight since tonight is one of my scheduled writing times.

Still feeling pretty excited by my goals.  That’s half the battle for me.  Let’s see what the rest of the week will bring.

ROW 80 Round 2: Goals and Beginnings…

Wow.  Round 2 is here.  So excited to begin again!  I’m aiming to get  back to writing consistently something I had trouble with last round.  I began strong, faltered in the middle, then picked back up again towards the end.  Looking forward to this round being different and more consistent.

My goals for this round are:

1. To write 1,800 words per day.

2. To write 5 pages a day of my script on my scheduled writing days (of which there are four of these days every week).

3.  On the paranormal revision (1st Draft): complete a read-through, editing, taking notes and making changes.

By end of this round, I want to be at:  

76,000 words with my WIP (I’m at 40,000), 36,000 words on my newest original draft (I’m currently at 0) and at 120 pages of my script (I’m currently at 43 pages).  I’m hoping my daily word count goals and weekly script page count goals will get me there.

I’m delighted to begin again.

Wishing all ROW80ers a good first week!