ROW 80 Round 2: Goals and Beginnings…

Wow.  Round 2 is here.  So excited to begin again!  I’m aiming to get  back to writing consistently something I had trouble with last round.  I began strong, faltered in the middle, then picked back up again towards the end.  Looking forward to this round being different and more consistent.

My goals for this round are:

1. To write 1,800 words per day.

2. To write 5 pages a day of my script on my scheduled writing days (of which there are four of these days every week).

3.  On the paranormal revision (1st Draft): complete a read-through, editing, taking notes and making changes.

By end of this round, I want to be at:  

76,000 words with my WIP (I’m at 40,000), 36,000 words on my newest original draft (I’m currently at 0) and at 120 pages of my script (I’m currently at 43 pages).  I’m hoping my daily word count goals and weekly script page count goals will get me there.

I’m delighted to begin again.

Wishing all ROW80ers a good first week!


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