Upward Trend? – Part 2

Things are looking up.  I wrote over 2,000 words yesterday.  That was awesome after days of not having written almost a single word.

I found myself having to retype a WIP (that I was ready to revise) that I had typed up a year ago, because of a formatting issue which I couldn’t solve so I’m starting from scratch again (i.e. page 1).  I’m trying not to look at it as a step backwards – as I would normally do when things like this happen – but as a chance to reconnect with my story and the characters in it in a really deep way.  So far it’s working.  I am reconnecting and my enthusiasm for it has been renewed like ten times over.   So I’ll be retyping and revising this WIP simultaneously.  A first for me but a necessary move since my time is limited these days.

I’m heading into review deadline week now — I have 12 book reviews to write by next Monday but I’m hoping to fit at least 1800 words in every day.  Usually the week before my review deadlines is all consuming with writing book reviews but I’m hoping to spread it out so it doesn’t end up that way.  Crossing my fingers…

Wishing all you ROW80ers a good week of major progress and many words written down.

Oh…and I just created a Facebook page for my blog:


Feel free to check it out and “Like” it and if you, yourself have any FB pages, leave a comment and let me know so I can visit and “Like” you back! :-))

See you Wednesday!



3 thoughts on “Upward Trend? – Part 2

  1. Yes! Totally look at the retype as a chance to get back into the story! A nice thing about rewrites like that is that you can edit as you go along, too. Granted, I was rewriting up my story from the first draft, got halfway through it, and scrapped the whole thing and reworked the plot and am rewriting it in an entirely different way now, but the new approach is much better for the story in the long run.

    Great job on keeping up with the projects and doing a little bit of juggling. I’m a big fan of juggling.

    I hope the rest of your week keeps steady and productive, too!

  2. Good idea using the typing up as a revise. I hand write all my stories and used the typing time to expand and edit. More sparks fly while doing it that way. I’m so behind with book reviews it isn’t funny. Working on catching up as well. Have fun writing and reading this week.

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