I am tired, following a few straight days of working on book reviews which meant me being up nights until about two in the morning.  Twelve reviews in all.  All done.  *Happy Dance*

I joined Camp Nanowrimo for June.  Ahhh…1667 words per day which falls in line with one of my ROW80 Round 2 goals which is to write 1,800 words a day.  I decided to revisit those goals again tonight:

1. To write 1,800 words per day.

2. To write 5 pages a day of my script on my scheduled writing days (of which there are four of these days every week).

3.  On the paranormal revision (1st Draft): complete a read-through, editing, taking notes and making changes.

…and found that overall, this round hasn’t been as fruitful as I wanted it to be.
Not consistently hitting either three, but I’m hopeful.
So I’m off to bed.
Tomorrow is a new day.
A new chance to write.

A Trip and Time…

More words on the page lately despite the fact that a couple of more unexpected things happened, like the toddler coming down with the chicken pox as he is recovering from a bad case of croup and respiratory issues.

Through the sickness and busyness of these last couple of weeks of school (for my older boys), I’ve been getting some words down here and there.  Not as much as I like, but they are there – on the page and that’s just as good.  I have to remind myself of this, since it’s easy to get discouraged over how slow my progress has been over this last month.  Every little bit counts, right?

I’m away in Vegas now.  The husband had a conference and I joined him, leaving the kiddos behind with Grandma for a few days, so for the last couple of days  I’ve been able to devote myself solely to the writing.  More words on the page for the mystery cozy, and the development of a novel that’s been sitting in my head for the last nine years.  It feels so, so good to get it out on paper and I’m so excited to do it.  I know these characters like the back of my hand, they’ve been with me that long.  I feel finally that this story could be a really good one.

Soon I’ll be home again but with a new project under my belt, some new step-by-step plans I made in regards to the mystery cozy and this new project, and ready to try out a new writing schedule (mornings from 5 to 7).  So we’ll see.  Life will happen but I’m hoping to roll with it and be consistent with the projects.  I really want to see them done (meaning drafts completed) by August.

I hope.  And keep at it.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a good week!


Another Week…

Can’t remember what the week was like, it flew by so fast.   The writing is not what I would have liked it to be but I did get a couple of nights in of writing.  I’m still working on the cozy mystery and still have the plan to publish it electronically.  Still have the goal of 1800 words per day.  I do miss writing everyday though.

I’m hoping to become more consistent this week in between the housecleaning and prepping for the grandmother to arrive.  Not to mention the book reviews.  Life is, of course, busy.  The writing time – super important though – if I’m to finish manuscripts and scripts and really become the established author/screenwriter that I want to be.

Writing is work.

Writing means time commitment.  Strict time commitment.

In the midst of all of life’s busyness and the tiredness that goes along with it.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a great week!





What A Week…

What a week it’s been.  Late last Saturday night I took the 2 year old in to the ER because he was having breathing issues and he ended up being admitted to the hospital.  We stayed for about four days because he wasn’t getting better, at first.   How bizarre and unexpected.

I had book review deadlines on top of that so at night, once he fell asleep, I would go over to the desk and chair, sit down and write them up.

Hence there wasn’t much fiction writing done from Saturday to Thursday.

Thankfully, he’s getting better , though we’ll be headed into to the pulmonary specialist (again) in a couple of weeks to make sure all is good.  Praying and hoping he’s 100 percent better by then.

Life just throws you those curveballs.

Last night, I began putting words down on paper again.  This morning I continued putting words down.  Haven’t quite reached 1,800 words either time but I feel it is a good start.  Plus, now, being sick myself, writing is a good activity for me to do since I don’t have much energy right now.   Plugging away at the amateur cozy mystery.   Of course, I am having those writer’s doubts about whether this is a good piece worth spending my time on.  Will it be good enough or will it keep readers hooked in?  I love writing mysteries but in moments it feels like a HUGE undertaking.

But I love this writing thing so much I know I’ll just continue to press on, despite the doubts, and hope that what I write is what people will love.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a fantastic week!