What A Week…

What a week it’s been.  Late last Saturday night I took the 2 year old in to the ER because he was having breathing issues and he ended up being admitted to the hospital.  We stayed for about four days because he wasn’t getting better, at first.   How bizarre and unexpected.

I had book review deadlines on top of that so at night, once he fell asleep, I would go over to the desk and chair, sit down and write them up.

Hence there wasn’t much fiction writing done from Saturday to Thursday.

Thankfully, he’s getting better , though we’ll be headed into to the pulmonary specialist (again) in a couple of weeks to make sure all is good.  Praying and hoping he’s 100 percent better by then.

Life just throws you those curveballs.

Last night, I began putting words down on paper again.  This morning I continued putting words down.  Haven’t quite reached 1,800 words either time but I feel it is a good start.  Plus, now, being sick myself, writing is a good activity for me to do since I don’t have much energy right now.   Plugging away at the amateur cozy mystery.   Of course, I am having those writer’s doubts about whether this is a good piece worth spending my time on.  Will it be good enough or will it keep readers hooked in?  I love writing mysteries but in moments it feels like a HUGE undertaking.

But I love this writing thing so much I know I’ll just continue to press on, despite the doubts, and hope that what I write is what people will love.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a fantastic week!


5 thoughts on “What A Week…

  1. Glad to hear that your son is well. Being the parent of four I know how frightening that can be and how unexpected events like that can throw the world into disarray. Here’s hoping that he continues to improve and you are able to ease back into your writing stride again. Be well, Melanie 🙂

  2. I understand life sending curveballs. I hope your son is healthy very quickly and stays so. Your goal to write is awesome and I understand trying to meet them. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for posting.

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