I am tired, following a few straight days of working on book reviews which meant me being up nights until about two in the morning.  Twelve reviews in all.  All done.  *Happy Dance*

I joined Camp Nanowrimo for June.  Ahhh…1667 words per day which falls in line with one of my ROW80 Round 2 goals which is to write 1,800 words a day.  I decided to revisit those goals again tonight:

1. To write 1,800 words per day.

2. To write 5 pages a day of my script on my scheduled writing days (of which there are four of these days every week).

3.  On the paranormal revision (1st Draft): complete a read-through, editing, taking notes and making changes.

…and found that overall, this round hasn’t been as fruitful as I wanted it to be.
Not consistently hitting either three, but I’m hopeful.
So I’m off to bed.
Tomorrow is a new day.
A new chance to write.

One thought on “Hopeful…

  1. I looked into the June NaNoWriMo, but too many obstacles are in my way for that to happen. Best wishes with it! I’m impressed with your goals — specific and straightforward. 1800 words per day is ambitious, but doable. Hope you have a wonderful writing week, Melanie!

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