The last few days have been good ones when it comes to putting words down on paper. I feel like I’m gaining a bit of momentum. Now that I am doing CampNanoWrimo for June (which is 1,667 per day for 30 days for a total of 50,000 words), I’m getting the extra nudge to put down words and meet my word count.  Even though I am working on an original draft of a story idea that I’ve had in my head for years for Camp NaNo, I’ve been inspired to put words down on my mystery cozy as well.


So before I lose steam, I’m going to open my draft and start writing so that I can get some words down today.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a good week!


One thought on “Momentum?

  1. Best to you for the rest of this round and at CampWriMo! Very smart of you to get “camping” while the inspiration fires. Have a great week.


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