Daily Words Continued…

It’s been a week since my last post — life has been it’s usual crazy but my daily word count is still happening throughout the craziness.  It’s not everyday as is my goal and hope but it’s been at least 4 times a week.  I’m not settling at 4, I still want 7 days at 1800 words.  It’s been a challenge.

The biggest challenge being me.  Those times when I opt not to write (because I’m tired or it seems overwhelming to do) or when I run out of times in the evenings.  I’m trying to spread out my goal throughout the whole day so I don’t have that pressure to get to that 1800 word goal in one sitting, though I have to admit when I’ve done it this way, it has been invigorating.  To know that I wrote over 1800 words in one sitting does give me a feeling that I’ve accomplished something huge.

But I will continue — putting down words to that amateur cozy mystery.  The more I work on it the more I fall in love with it.  I have been wondering whether this story is good enough to be published and trying not to get too discouraged in those moments when I feel that it’s not.  Those are the times when I force myself to put down words anyway, though I may feel that the story is not so good.


I’m kicking myself too because I haven’t picked up that paranormal revision yet.  It’s just waiting for me.  Why am I hesitating?

This week will be a busy one with trying to complete my book reviews (9 in all) and prep for a birthday party for the newly 5 year old – the prepping including some major cleaning.  So perhaps,  next week when party and reviews are over, I can get to my other 2 goals: the script and the paranormal revision.

I do want to get back to my goal of having 2 completed spec scripts to show to  screenwriting agents.  The screenwriter in me hates that her format is being completely ignored and that the novelist is getting top priority.  Ahhh…  🙂

Hoping for a progress, this week.  Wishing all my fellow ROW80ers the same.


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