Keeping Up…


It’s what I’ve been doing this August which has fallen in line with my goal of writing 1800 words a day.

Writing those words – mostly daily but not enough to hit the 1800 word mark I set for myself or at least the 1667 that Nano requires.  Trying to catch up though I am still way behind.  I won’t even say how way behind I am but I haven’t broken the 20 K mark and we’re halfway through the month.  I wanted to break 20K by the end of this weekend but that’s unlikely, unfortunately.

I’ve been doing wordsprints with some fellow writers who are also doing August’s Camp NaNo and that’s been pretty helpful.  Otherwise I most likely would’ve given up by now.

My Manhattan amateur cozy mystery is the target but I have to say that I’m slogging through the story. I find myself running out of scenes to write.  I find myself doubting whether the story is interesting enough to sell.  I try not to think too deeply about it but just keep writing, keeping at it despite where I’m at.

Wishing you ROW80ers a good week!



6 thoughts on “Keeping Up…

  1. I love the power of community for getting through that first draft! Glad you have a good crew to help you through.

    Don’t worry to much about the market at this point. You can always go back to clean up the story and make it more mass-market. Good luck, and have a great week!

  2. Yeah, definitely don’t think too deeply on it, and just keep pounding at that keyboard! It only takes a little bit extra every day to make up for lost time (or, in this case, word counts). So keep it up! When I fall behind, I try not to obsess about it, because anything you do manage is still more than what you would have done if you didn’t try, right? : )

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