Ending and Continuing…

I can’t believe we’re at the end of Round 3.  Round 3! One more round to go this year.

I’ve been plugging away trying to keep on top of my goals.  My goals at the beginning of this round were:

1. To write 1,800 words per day.  This was modified twice and is now 2,000 words for 25 days per month.  The end result is the same: to complete 50,000 words in a month. 

2. To write 5 pages a day of my script on my scheduled writing days (of which there are four of these days every week).

3.  On the paranormal revision (1st Draft): complete a read-through, editing, taking notes and making changes.


I’m still plugging away at the first goal. I haven’t reached the point of consistency yet but I hope to get there soon.  I’m relying heavily on wordsprints to get to that 2,000 word count.
There has been nothing accomplished on the second and third goals (boo!), I’ve been so focused on trying to accomplish the first goal and be consistent with it.  There’s just not enough time in a day!
However, one unexpected goal was accomplished:  I completed the draft of my amateur cozy mystery (yay!) and it has now entered the realm of revision.   I am about 6 pages into it and hope to complete it within the next month. Another goal to add for Round 4.


All in all, it’s been a productive round with a huge push on writing (i.e. CampNanoWriMo, daily wordsprints) and my next steps would be to get the daily word count consistent and get to work going through two revisions.


We’ll see what the future brings.  Onto Round 4!  See you there!



3 thoughts on “Ending and Continuing…

  1. That’s a good goal with your word count. I also find that I cannot write every single day, so I have adapted my plan accordingly. Keep going, and you’ll see some great results. Yay for you!

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