Two Weeks…

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted.  Two weeks! Wow…

And it’s been a busy two weeks with my mother-in-law coming into town, flying out of town for my 25th high school reunion, a host of school activities, a new business venture, and   .  Through it all I’ve been working through the paranormal thriller revision feeling that renewed sense of passion for it as well as second guessing myself at every turn on whether this story is even worth reading.  With all the good books out there, is it worth putting my energies into a story that won’t stand up well against the other books out there.  Of course, I don’t know this but the “doubting Thomas” portion of my conscience insists it could be so.  So I’m fighting that voice.

And will continue plowing through the revision. I’m writing out scenes from the novel on index cards so that I can go through them later in order and see if they gel together as a story.  I haven’t touched the revision in about a week since I’ve been hosting my mother-in-law.  I’m also in book review mode.  I can’t wait to get back to the story and continue the ball rolling.

Have a good week, my fellow ROW80ers!  Wishing you much progress!



In this first week of Round 4 it’s been about the revisions.  I’m excited to finally get into the revisions.  I am working on the paranormal mystery thriller in the moment.  I’m in the process of writing out each scene in my story on an index card.  The plan is after I’m done, to go through the index cards first to see how the story is flowing, how the pacing is going and if each scene after the previous one is furthering my story along.

At this point I’m at 200 pages within my novel which means I need to add an additional 150-175 pages to get it to where it needs to be within novel format.  So I’m using these index “scene” cards to find any gaps within my story and create scenes as well.

I haven’t been hitting every writing time I’ve had scheduled for this week but the few times I have used my 3.5 hours have been productive.  Though it takes me about an hour to really get into the groove, once I’m there, it’s wonderful.

More importantly though, I’m falling in love with my story all over again.  Yay!  Because I was about to throw in the towel when it came to writing mysteries and just focus on my mainstream novel ideas.  After a few days within my paranormal piece, I’m encouraged again.

So onto this week.  Hoping for more progress.

Wishing you ROW80ers a productive week of writing!

Hello Round 4

Well, this round came quicker than I expected.  It seems like just yesterday, I was writing my last check-in post for Round 3.  I am in the midst of writing and revising and just trying to complete a few good drafts of two novels and one script.  With that in mind, my goals for Round 4 are as follows:

1. 2,000 words per day for 25 days per 30 day period.  This allows me a little room if I miss a day and also gets me to 50,000 words per month – an ongoing goal for me.  My aim is to become consistent so that writing 2,000 words a day is automatic.

2. Complete the revisions for my amateur mystery and my mainstream novel.  The result: ready to be read.

3. Complete one draft of my script.

My goals.  Lots of writing and editing await me.  Well, onward to round 4.  So glad to be joining you again, my fellow ROW80ers.  Wishing you a fantastic start!