I can’t believe another two weeks have gone by…Wow!

Losing track of time as I focus on trying to get my daily word count in for NaNo and for my ROW 80 goal.  Unfortunately, I have fallen behind with my NaNo word count – about 20,000 words behind but I’m not giving up.  I’m just going to keep pushing myself to get as much down as I can in this last week of NaNo.

For last year’s NaNo I made it to just over 30,000 words, so even though my goal is still 50,000 words, if I make it past 30,000 words this go round, I’ll consider it a victory because I topped last year’s count.  So crossing my fingers.  In the midst of book review deadlines and motherhood, I’m hoping to get a bunch accomplished.

Haven’t touched my two revisions in awhile or put words down on a script that I’m working on.  My writing times have been inconsistent but I’m hoping to get back into the groove again as the holidays end.   Of course, we’re having major company over the Christmas holiday which means major house prepping for me in additional to all the other things in my schedule, but I’m going to take a deep breath and trust.   Trust that there will be time to really make progress with this writing.  I’d really like to complete the revisions and get them out to readers.

But one thing at a time…

Wishing you ROW80ers much progress and many words written this week!




2 thoughts on “Pushing…Pushing…

  1. Melanie –

    I love reading your updates. There is always such life and energy in them!

    Nano is definitely an intense experience. it makes me happy that you are making it your own, and defining for yourself what will constitute a win.

    As for the state of your house – your children, if I remember, are still small.

    Mine aren’t, anymore, but they were not so many years ago, and I put myself through a lot of house grief before I realized that I really could just avoid inviting anyone who spent more time judging the state of cleanliness and order than they did enjoying their time with us. Since our children are homeschooled, there are just not that many times when they aren’t here and i am, and the messes are still nearly perpetual!

    Best of luck on all the projects you have going!=)

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