Back in the Groove…


I’m ready for 2013. And ROW80 – the writing challenge that knows you have a life.  Round 1 here I come.

This year I’m starting off with a focusing on my revisions.  I have three revisions in the works and I’d like to tackle them in the next six months.  Two are paranormal thrillers and the third is a mainstream novel.  My goal is to get three good drafts of about 300 pages each completed.

My other focus is the Writer’s Digest 82nd Annual Writing Competition.  I’m excited about it and slightly intimidated.  It’s been awhile since I’ve submitted to a writing competition.  I’d like to submit two short stories and the first fifteen pages of a script and the deadline is early June.

So this go round, my goals are:

1. Complete the revision of my paranormal draft – working title: New Orleans Story.

2. Draft two short works of fiction  – completing 1st drafts of each.

3. Complete 50 pages of a 120 page script.

4. Write 500 words per day.

I’m jumping up and down with excitement.  I have new goals.  I’m getting back into the groove after about a month of little attention to my writing.  Can’t wait to start.

Wishing all you ROW80ers out there a great first week.  Can’t wait to see your progress!


12 thoughts on “Back in the Groove…

  1. Your goals are posted beautifully and your excitement is palpable. Lovely! Inspirational! Makes me realize I need to post my goals too instead of nattering on about the current writing challenge, so I will do that Weds. I especially liked your comment that you are intimidated but will still SUBMIT to that writing competition. Perseverance furthers! You go!

  2. Hi Melanie, it’s really great to see your enthusiasm for getting stuck back into it! I hope you do well. Your goals look good.


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