A Little Blip…

So there has been a little blip in my consistency in regards to my daily word count.  I missed hitting 500 this past weekend – Saturday, I was exhausted after a long day of babysitting and one evening seminar.  And yesterday, Sunday, I made an attempt to write but didn’t hit my mark — made it to 336 words.  The crazy thing is it would not have been hard to keep eeking out words to get to the 500 but I rebelled and mentally said ‘no’ to the keyboard and ‘yes’ to my pillow and a book.

But I’m not discouraged.  I think because I understand that if I just sit in front of my computer for about 45 minutes, I can hit that 500 word goal.  Also that once I start writing a scene, it will start to flow naturally — which is what happened with the first 336 words.  So I am looking forward to today when I get back in that groove again.

I’m working on the paranormal revision consistently and that’s been going great.  I’ve outlined about ten additional scenes as I work on the subplot of my story.   It feels good to have a planned outline before I write up the scenes.

This week is my ‘book review’ week – I write book reviews for a national magazine and my deadlines are next Monday.  How it will impact my writing, I don’t know.  There may be a slow down but hopefully not too much of a slow-down.  I am aiming for the same goals this week despite the books I’ll need to review.

Wishing you ROW80ers a wonderful week of writing and achieving goals!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “A Little Blip…

  1. Hi there! Just dropping by as part of ROW80 to see how you’re getting along, and to add a bit of encouragement.
    I started writing a diary on the days I didn’t feel like fiction. It keeps you in practice and I often find that once I’ve described my day, making up a few words of someone else’s isn’t that hard after all!
    Good luck with ROW80! We’re all cheering you on!

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