Book Review Madness…

I’m in the midst of book reviews.  I write them for a national magazine and the deadline is tomorrow.  When I’m in the midst of these, I get consumed.  Especially since I’ve received most of the books about a week before the deadline.

I’m totally consumed which has unfortunately affected my writing goals this week.

I knew they would be affected but I was hoping not too much so.  Well, not the case.

I don’t think I’ve hit 500 words per day in about a week and there is very little work on the paranormal thriller revision.

Good news: I’m not down about it – even though I’m working on my birthday (today is that special day).  I believe I will get back in the groove, once this deadline is over. I have to admit though I do get a bit frustrated in moments because my consistency has now been broken.

However, that’s all I will say about that or else I will find myself heading into a downward spiral about it all.

Good news – part 2: I’m reading a lot of books and I keep thinking of that famous piece of advice I’ve received over the years from teachers, workshops and writing magazines alike: “Want to be a better writer, read as much as you can.”  With these book reviews, that’s all I’m doing is reading.

So maybe I am doing something productive for my writing this week, after all.

Wishing all you ROW80ers a good week filled with wonderfully completed goals!


3 thoughts on “Book Review Madness…

  1. It would be hard to get much fiction writing done when you’re doing so much reading and reviewing! But like you said, it’s excellent prep for the writing. Good luck with your deadlines, and have a great week!

  2. Hi Melanie, it looks like Kait has hit some trouble and we have no mid-week check-in. So no one is left out, please come over to our Facebook group and leave a link to your check-in post and we will be over to visit. The page address is Alternatively, email me at and I’ll pass your post on. I know Facebook isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

    Should we have no Linky on Sunday, we’ll just keep working this way until things sort themselves out.

    Cate (Round 1 Sponsor)

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