Starting Again…

I am coming out of book review fog.  One more to go and I’ll be done.

I haven’t touched any of my writing projects and haven’t hit any of my goals.

It’s challenging to start again.  I’m rusty now.     Of course, there is that fear that I will not start again.  I know logically that that won’t happen, I love writing too much for that too happen, but the thought does cross my mind.  Especially since each day, it can be more challenging to get back in the groove.

The excitement is still there for my writing projects and I feel that’s half the battle.

Oh and I’ve started a writers group with a friend – today is our first meeting.  Nervous and excited about this one, especially since we’ve both never done this before.  We can’t goof up too much, right?  It will be great to have the accountability and the commitment.  We’re both looking forward to having the chance to get together on a regular basis.

Any writer’s group tips you may have or resources, I would love to hear them.  My friend and I are looking to make this group excellent.

Having an amazing week, ROW80ers.  I’ll be checking in with you guys and I’ll let you know how it all goes on my end.


2 thoughts on “Starting Again…

  1. Melanie, I know just how you feel. I am always reluctant to stop for fear I won’t start again! That rusty feeling is too familiar. I’m really glad you’ve got writing support, I find that helps enormously. Even just doing check-ins is valuable.

    Hang in there and keep going! One step forward at a time… once you start on an area you’re enthusiastic about, you’ll get back into it and love it.

    Stay well.

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