Starting Again…Again…

Feels like my second attempt to restart my 500 word per day goal but mission accomplished. I did it!  Yesterday, I put 500 words down on a page after almost two weeks of barely a word on a page.  Yay!  I’m planning to continue this trend today.  🙂

I am ready too to pick up where I left off with my paranormal revision.   Still excited about it though I do have those constant doubts  about whether it is good enough to be published.  I continue to push them away, though it can be tempting to give in to them.

I am still developing my short story ideas for the Writer’s Digest Competition in June.  It’s like I have too many ideas and no ideas so I have to narrow down what I have to two and just start working on them.

Hoping to get some speed when it comes to my goals this week.  Wishing all you ROW80ers a good week of words and progress!



3 thoughts on “Starting Again…Again…

  1. If I weren’t constantly filled with self doubt about my writing, I’d be, well, something completely different than a writer! Do you have a Beta reader? Maybe that would aleviate some of those doubts. Good luck on your revisions and your short story.

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