Stalled…And A Book of the Month…

Yes, stalled.

The goals have stalled due to those pesky book reviews.

The good news: The last book review went out yesterday and I’m free again to get back to those goals.

I almost hit 500 words yesterday.  A little bummed that I was short by 50 (I was too tired to go on) but am happy that I at least put some words on a page.  It’s been more than week prior to that.

My goal of drafting two short stories for the Writer’s Digest Competition has begun.  The 500 words I put down yesterday was the beginning of the first short story that I am going to submit to the competition.  *Happy Dance*  And I’m excited about what this story is going to be about.  Hopefully it will be interesting to read.

I did a vulnerable thing yesterday.  I belong to a book club that meets once a month whose members choose stellar books to read each time.  We went around last night to give our book picks for the next six months.  I mentioned my book pick is my book.

My Book.  My untitled mystery thriller.  Ach!  But good…

I have until June to get a good working draft in order – to get my book completed.

I’m excited and nervous rolled into one.   I’m sure I’ll get some really good feedback which could only help the book.  Did I mention that I was excited and nervous?

Wishing you ROW80ers a good rest of the week filled with words and more words.



One thought on “Stalled…And A Book of the Month…

  1. Congratulations on finishing those reviews AND on jumping right back to your writing. It’s nearly 10 am here and in a few minutes, I’ll be leaving for my first Book Club discussion which features my book! So it was encouraging to read that someone else is taking risks. We’ll keep writing and reading and learning. Good on you for persevering!

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