Okay, So Where Has This Round Gone?

Really, where has it gone?  I can’t believe we’re coming up on the last days of Round 1. I think back over my goals and wonder how much have I really accomplished?  That daily word count has been inconsistent and the revisions are slow going not to mention the one short story I was working on for the Writer’s Digest Competition has turned into a novel.

I’m not down or discouraged but instead amazed about how the best laid plans can often go astray, especially in my case as noted above.

But I plug away…as I head toward the end of this round.  The 500 daily word count has not happened in a few days – the book reviews, the two birthday parties the husband and I threw this past weekend for two of our boys who had birthdays earlier this month are a big part of the reason why.  I’m still working on book reviews through this weekend but am aiming to put down some words in between.

Not sure about the paranormal revision which requires more time and concentration, which I pretty much won’t have as I work on these book reviews.  I may just aim to sneak in a few pages in between throughout the weekend – in spare moments – instead of trying to do a large amount.  We’ll see…

And those short stories…hoping to begin them in the next two weeks.  It may happen most likely after this round is over.

The husband and I agreed that I can grab two days in April where I can leave the home and go off and write for six hours.  Six hours of uninterrupted time — for this mama of three that is heaven! I may even try to push for a third day since I really want to make some headway with my paranormal revision.

Again, we’ll see…

Wishing all my fellow ROW80ers a wonderful sprint to the finish full of words and accomplished goals.



2 thoughts on “Okay, So Where Has This Round Gone?

  1. The best laid plans… Oh, how I know those words. Still, it looks like you’ve managed to keep afloat and keep an eye on the real prize while enjoying life. Good for you!

    And YAY! for those two days in April… We writing mommies need them!

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