Starting Anew with Round 2

So I’m in for another round of ROW80, the writing challenge that knows you have a life.

My goals are as follows:

1. Write 500 words or 20 minutes per day. (Creative)

2. Complete 60 pages of a 120 page script. (Creative)

3. Draft work of short fiction for the Writer’s Digest competition in June. (Creative)

4. Work on my paranormal revision: 30 minutes a day – Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays and during scheduled Writing Times.

These are fairly similar to the goals I had for last round w/ a few slight adjustments.  There was some inconsistency on a couple of the original goals and little done on the others so I figured I’d tweak.

So I am excited to start anew.  Big hopes with these modified Round 1 goals.

Of course, hoping for consistency and progress along the way, lots and lots of words and a couple of finished drafts.

Here’s to Round 2!


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