That Went Fast…

Wow, this last week went fast.

I was able to get a few days in when it comes to the 500 word count.  It actually helps to have a time limit added onto this goal for me because I can actually write without fretting about whether or not I reached the 500 word count.  Usually after 20/30 minutes I have.  There’s a freedom to that.  I’m writing without pressure which is so much better.

The word count has been my main focus this last week which means I haven’t gotten far when it comes to the other goals but I’m planning on beginning again on the paranormal revision goal – working on it, 30 minutes three days a week and during my scheduled writing times.

This week is crunch time for my book review deadline but I’m still hopeful for my writing goals.  They usually get moved aside to accommodate the reviews but I’m crossing my fingers.

We’ll see.  Wishing all you ROW80ers out there a great week full of words and accomplished goals.

Until next time.


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