Hello Round 3

Hello again.

Round 3 of ROW 80 is here. The writing challenge that knows you have a life.

The last round went by in a blur for me, I was partially present with spring, the end of the school year for my two older boys, and then of course, life happening. My goals of round 2 were somewhat accomplished – however not completely. And not concretely. Me, I battle with consistentcy. It is my constant goal.

I am so happy to be back and present for Round 3. Summer is in full swing and a few loads have been lifted. And my goals are a continuation of last round but in a different way which excites me. It excites me because they are more specific and more concrete and because of that, more achievable.

They are:

1. Lily’s Hope – my paranormal thriller – up to 300 pages by the end of this round. End goal: a completed first draft. That’s about 28 pages a week.

2. Matt/Shay – my mainstream novel – revision of the rough draft up to 300 pages by the end of this round. 28 pages a week. End goal: a newly revised draft (the official first draft).

3. New Orleans Story – my other paranormal thriller – 60 pages a month. 20 pages a week. End goal: a completed first draft

So that leaves me working on 76 pages per week. With my writing times a few hours on scheduled days of which there are four during the week, I hoping to get it done.

Looking forward to getting started and so grateful to ROW 80 for giving me a forum to present my goals before others thus keeping me accountable. :-))

Wishing all you ROW 80ers a great first week!


2 thoughts on “Hello Round 3

  1. Welcome back, Melanie! I struggle with unclear goals as well, and of course, with life getting in the way. It’s great that you are excited about your goals, and that you find the accountability of ROW80 helpful. I certainly find it gets more words on paper, and it is such a wonderful, supportive group.

    Have a great week!

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