Pressing Along…

At the start of Round 3, I had a writing schedule in place. 4 days a week, a few hours, outside the home. For the first week and a half I was following through and with that came decent progress with my main novel writing project: Lily’s Hope. It’s been almost four weeks now and within the last two – that writing schedule hasn’t been put fully into effect. Life has happened, schedules are rearranged. So the progress I was expecting isn’t exactly where I want to be but there’s still some.

It’s amazing that even if I only make it outside to write one day a week – a good amount of writing can be done. So I press along, aiming to get back to that 4 day a week schedule. Right now I’m working through Lily’s Hope and my mainstream novel draft (Goals 1 & 2, I believe). It’s about ten pages per sitting, so with Lily’s Hope it’s been about 35 pages this month. About 15 with my mainstream novel.

My goal is 28 pages a week for each so I need to catch up. The trick for me is to not go back to the pages I’ve written, but just keep moving forward. I haven’t felt that forward movement in full affect yet with Lily’s Hope. Looking forward to getting to that point.

I’ve broken down how I’m going to use that writing time when I do it each day, so I’m hoping that will help move things along a little more quickly.

I am also now getting together with another writer each Monday and we’re going to go over 10 pages of our work each time we meet — so that’s some motivation to keep moving forward with Lily’s Hope. Funny, how motivating deadlines can be, especially when there are other people involved?

Hoping for some great progress this week and wishing all you ROW80ers, a wonderful, good week of the same.


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